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What Is Laser Liposuction and Fat transfer?

Bluegrass Aesthetics proudly offers advanced cosmetic solutions to help men and women achieve results that make them look and feel amazing. One such technology is BeautiFill® laser liposuction and fat transfer from Alma lasers, which is a minimally invasive way to move stubborn pockets of fat from one part of your body to other areas that lack volume. BeautiFill has streamlined the fat transfer process by combining fat removal, fat processing, and fat redistribution within a single system. By utilizing your own live fat cells, our certified team can help contour problem areas, such as the stomach or hips, and bring a more supple appearance to the buttocks, face, or breasts. For more on how laser liposuction and fat transfer might help you naturally sculpt and contour your way to a new physique, contact our Bowling Green, KY med spa today!

Is BeautiFill right for me?

BeautiFill laser lipo and fat transfer may be an ideal body enhancement option for South Central Kentucky women or men who want less fat in one part of the body and more volume in another. For instance, you may wish to slim down problem areas that have exercise-resistant pockets of fat (like the tummy, waist, thighs, or hips) and enhance or plump thin lips, hollowed cheeks, sagging breasts, or flattened buttocks. During your consultation at Bluegrass Aesthetics, our expert team can help you determine if laser liposuction and fat transfer to your face, buttocks, breasts, or other areas can help deliver your desired results. The BeautiFill laser system is best suited for patients who are at a healthy weight and have excess body fat for relocation.

What to Expect With Treatment

Laser-assisted liposuction and fat transferring procedures are performed in one of the plush, private treatment rooms at Bluegrass Aesthetics. With the advanced BeautiFill technology, fat within the removal site will be gently loosened and extracted, processed, and then transferred to other areas you wish to volumize. Treatment length and recovery time will depend upon the number of areas you wish to address and your personal goals. However, most patients who undergo laser lipo and fat transfer to the breasts, face, butt, or other areas typically notice an improvement in their physique the same day with further body enhancement occurring over the next few months.

BeautiFill FAQs

How does BeautiFill work?

BeautiFill uses advanced laser technology to gently heat the fat in a target area, typically the stomach, love handles, hips, and thighs, to gently remove it while protecting the fat cells. This allows these live fat cells to be reinjected at strategic areas in the body that have lost volume or where you want an enhancement, like the buttocks, breasts, face, and hands.

What's the difference between BeautiFill and other energy-assisted liposuction procedures?

The main difference between BeautiFill and other fat transfer procedures is the adipose collecting technique. The sophisticated technology can collect a portion of high-quality fat tissue and preserve it so we can inject the cells into the needed treatment areas. Compared to other treatments, BeautiFill produces a high rate of surviving fat cells and is known for its safe, beautiful results.

Am I going to feel pain during my procedure?

Because we perform BeautiFill with localized anesthesia, many men and women experience little pain during their procedure. However, after you go home, you may feel slight discomfort, bruising, and redness.

Will I need to take time off work or my regular activities?

Generally, taking off work is at your discretion. Based on the size and number of the treatment areas, you may experience a little bit of post-treatment swelling or tenderness, which can continue for a short period or longer. Regardless, these side effects will not prevent you from getting back to your everyday routine within 24 hours.

How many BeautiFill treatments will I need?

Many patients will only need one treatment to see dramatic results.

How long does BeautiFill last?

For most patients, the beauty-enhancing results from BeautiFill can last for years. Maintaining a healthy weight with proper diet and exercise can help to further maintain your results.

Trade Stubborn Fat for a Contoured Shape

With BeautiFill laser liposuction and fat transfer, our Bowling Green, KY team can relocate pockets of stubborn fat to areas where you need it most. This nonsurgical, laser-based fat relocation option can help you gain fuller lips or cheeks, a more shapely and slimmer figure, and an overall younger-looking appearance. Reserve your consultation at Bluegrass Aesthetics for more on laser lipo and fat transfer costs, financing options, and the lasting benefits of this advanced aesthetic solution!

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