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What Is a Fat Transfer?

As we age, it is normal to lose smooth, youthful suppleness in parts of the body where volume once resided. A natural-based way to regain such lost volume is through an advanced cosmetic treatment known as a fat transfer. This process removes fat tissue from one or more parts of the body and reinstates it into another area where additional volume is desired. Fat transfer procedures can be performed on large areas, such as the breasts or buttocks, or on delicate features, like the lips, cheeks, laugh lines, or under the eyelid. At Bluegrass Aesthetics in Bowling Green, KY, our experienced team uses the BeautiFill™ by Alma laser-based system for performing fat transfers in the face, breasts, and buttocks. These minimally invasive body contouring treatments can create smooth and beautiful outcomes to help women and men achieve their aesthetic goals.

Is a Fat Transfer Right for Me?

South Central Kentucky men and women who desire more volume in areas of the body that appear flat or misshapen may be great candidates for a fat transfer with BeautiFill. Fat transfers to the breasts, butt, or face are a natural aesthetic alternative to implants or injectable substances, such as dermal fillers. This body enhancement option at Bluegrass Aesthetics offers a nonsurgical way to slim, lift, and enhance areas of concern by relocating a patient's own live fat cells from one part of their body to another. Since fat transfers use a patient's own tissues, there is also little concern for rejection and less risk of adverse effects.

What to Expect With a Fat Transfer

Fat transfer treatments with the BeautiFill system are provided on-site at our modern med spa in Bowling Green, KY. With our laser-based device, our team will extract and preserve live fat cells, and then gently reimplant the fat into designated areas within the face, breasts, or buttocks. The results should create a slimmer appearance where the fat was extracted and a rejuvenated, more supple result in areas where increased volume is desired. After a fat transfer, the treatment areas will take some time to heal, but the initial outcome can be noticed almost immediately. Laser-assisted fat transfer treatments can offer a safer, faster surgical aesthetic alternative while delivering long-lasting volume and skin rejuvenation results.

A Natural Approach to Body Enhancement

Whether you desire more voluptuous lips, subtle breast enhancement, or rounder, lifted buttocks, a fat transfer with BeautiFill technology may be a great option for you! Our highly trained team is thrilled to provide fat transfer treatments for Bowling Green, KY men and women to help create a more youthful, lithe, and supple body shape. Please contact Bluegrass Aesthetics for more on the benefits of a fat transfer, pricing and financing information, or to schedule your consultation!

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