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What Is BodyTite?

As aesthetic specialists, we find that many men and women have sagging skin and excess fat on their bodies that they would rather address without surgical liposuction or an invasive body lift. Bluegrass Aesthetics is thrilled to offer BodyTite and AccuTite skin tightening solutions to help our patients achieve these goals in a minimally invasive way. Performed at our med spa in Bowling Green, KY, BodyTite is an exciting procedure that tightens the skin and minimizes fat through radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL). AccuTite works through the same technology but is used to enhance skin tightening precision in smaller treatment areas. BodyTite is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to safely and quickly eliminate fat and improve skin laxity without leaving behind obvious scars or requiring a long recovery period. Schedule a consultation at Bluegrass Aesthetics to find out if BodyTite and AccuTite can help you achieve a tighter, more sculpted physique!

Is BodyTite Right for Me?

South Central Kentucky men and women who want to improve skin tightness and contours in one or multiple areas of the body may be ideal candidates for BodyTite or AccuTite. These innovative options can also produce dramatic results for those seeking to eliminate pockets of fat or improve the look of sagging, wrinkled skin. Patients who have considered traditional liposuction or body lift surgery, but would rather avoid surgical downtime and scarring, might also find RFAL an attractive treatment alternative. Most regions of the body can be treated with BodyTite; however, some of the more commonly addressed areas include the stomach, arms, chest, knees, and thighs. During your consultation at Bluegrass Aesthetics, our caring team will listen to your needs and goals before helping you determine if BodyTite or AccuTite is right for you.

What to Expect With Treatment

At Bluegrass Aesthetics, BodyTite and AccuTite treatments are performed in our luxurious treatment rooms and normally take about 30 – 45 minutes to complete (for each area treated). Multiple treatments may be recommended to optimize your overall results. The procedure itself is very gentle and is performed with a special device that heats, liquefies, and loosens the fat, allowing it to be easily removed from your body. This heat also tightens your connective tissue and skin, leaving behind a more contoured, defined profile. While changes may be visible immediately, final BodyTite results are typically achieved 3 – 6 months following treatment. Keeping a healthy, steady weight following a BodyTite or AccuTite procedure is very important for maintaining your newly contoured shape.

Slim and Contour With BodyTite

Explore the benefits of skin tightening and body contouring with BodyTite or AccuTite from Bluegrass Aesthetics! With state-of-the-art RFAL technology, you may be able to minimize downtime and simplify your treatment to reveal your best body yet. Learn more about BodyTite treatment cost, financing solutions, and additional information by scheduling a visit at our Bowling Green, KY med spa.

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