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What Is Body Contouring With BeautiFill®?

Body contouring is a common cosmetic approach to sculpting a more curvaceous silhouette and attaining a slimmer, smoother physique. Many men and women who have lost weight, or whose weight has changed frequently over the years, choose body contouring solutions to minimize fat, tighten the skin, and contour the body into a more desirable shape. As a leader in cutting-edge med spa services, Bluegrass Aesthetics is pleased to offer body contouring with groundbreaking BeautiFill by Alma laser technology to men and women in South Central Kentucky. This clinically proven solution can sculpt and reshape your physique by moving fat from certain regions of the body to areas of deficit without the need for extensive surgery. Find out more about this minimally invasive body contouring treatment by booking a consultation at our Bowling Green, KY med spa!

Is BeautiFill Body Contouring Right for Me?

BeautiFill body contouring treatment is safe for all skin types and is designed to tighten and lift sagging or loose skin while improving the appearance of cellulite. It may be ideal for Bowling Green, KY men and women wanting to enhance the appearance of fat deposits in the lower back, hips, flanks, neck, abdomen, and other areas where fat collects. You could also be an ideal candidate for BeautiFill body contouring if you have loose skin, deflated body parts (such as the breasts or buttocks), or stubborn fat that is not responsive to diet and exercise. Great candidates for this procedure are often those who are at their goal weight yet desire a tighter, more defined silhouette.

What to Expect With Body Contouring

Body contouring with the BeautiFill technique is performed within the comfort of our gorgeous med spa by our experienced and certified team. Typically a one-visit procedure, many patients notice a visible difference in their body right away with results lasting for years in most cases. Once the fat tissue is gently loosened and extracted from the problem areas with proprietary laser technology, it will be redistributed to areas of loss to enhance and sculpt your new silhouette. Since BeautiFill works primarily through laser energy, the recovery time is far less than that associated with surgical procedures. Bluegrass Aesthetics is one of a few med spas in Bowling Green, KY qualified to provide this safe, convenient, and transformative body contouring solution.

Body Contouring FAQ

How is body contouring with BeautiFill done?

Inside one of our private treatment rooms, our cosmetic staff will utilize advanced technology to loosen and take the fat cells from your areas of concern. This fat is then placed into the intended regions to elevate fullness and achieve your body goals.

What's the difference between BeautiFill and other energy-assisted liposuction procedures?

The most important variation between BeautiFill and alternative fat transfer methods is the fat cell harvesting technique. The specialized system can gather a portion of viable fat and prepare it to be inserted into the chosen regions. Compared to different options, BeautiFill is capable of producing a good number of live fat cells and is well-known for its great, beautiful results.

Am I going to feel pain during my procedure?

Since laser lipo and fat transfer is performed under topical anesthesia, the majority of individuals only experience minimal discomfort during their treatment at Bluegrass Aesthetics. You may experience some irritation, bruising, and redness after your treatment since the BeautiFill technology is minimally invasive.

Will I need to take time off work or my regular activities?

Generally, it can vary with each individual. You may sustain mild post-treatment swelling or bruising, which can last a short period or longer, according to the proportions and extent of the areas you had treated. However, these mild impacts certainly won't prevent you from resuming work and other activities the following day if you so decide.

Am I a candidate for body contouring?

Ideal candidates for this treatment are women and men who have a suitable amount of fat cells to take away and reinject into the targeted regions. To find out if this treatment is right for your needs, you must stop by for a consultation at Bluegrass Aesthetics.

How long will my body contouring results last?

With proper care, your body contouring results will last for a long time. The best way to maintain your results is to stay at a steady weight. Significant weight changes or childbirth after your body contouring surgery may impact your outcomes. Your body will continue to age naturally, so you may eventually develop loose skin again as you get older. Talk to a member of our team about recommendations that may help you sustain your results.

Lift, Shape, and Redefine Your Body

Whether you long for a slimmer waist, tighter tummy, perkier breasts, or a fuller bottom, BeautiFill body contouring at our Bowling Green, KY med spa may be the ideal way to obtain the physique you desire. Please contact Bluegrass Aesthetics and arrange a consultation with our expert aesthetic team. We can help you explore cosmetic options, discuss body contouring cost or financing, and create an individualized plan just for you!

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